02.11.2017 Polish succesful exporters

We recommend to follow champions stories to get inspired, so we present article abut polish firms that have achieved international success.

Polish companies are becoming increasingly visible all over the world. It happens thanks to export of domestic products and direct foreign investments. In the article there are presented the most known polish enterpreneurships abroad. Described succesful companies are: Delphia Yachts - representant of polish yachtbuilding industry; Kross, producer of bicicles sold in 40 countries all over the world; Amica - producer of gas/coal stoves in late '50's and now largest manufacturer of home appliances in Poland; Korona - producer of scented candles and WB Electronics - supplier of Polish Army f.e. in communication technologies.


08.03.2017 Poland revises foreign trade forecasts

The Ministry of Development updated foreign trade forecasts for 2017. According to it, exports will reach €192.8 billion (€183.6 billion in 2016) compared to €190.4 billion forecasted last month. Imports projections have also been increased to €190.5 billion, compared to €183.6 billion in February. In 2016, the value of Polish imports amounted to €178.9 billion. According to these estimates, the trade surplus would reach €2.3 billion, down from €4.8 billion recorded in 2016.