Market research and competitive intelligence

We offer tailor made services for various clients. We specialize in extensive research into a particular sector or company and analyse the competitive environment. This includes business and competitive intelligence.

We are experienced in filtering out all possible public data and available information sources to provide to our customers valuable information supporting their decision making process. As former economic journalists we can also use our wide industry contacts to add information and provide answers to all interesting topics in discreet manner. Our range of services apart from individual projects includes:

• Competitive intelligence and monitoring of competitive environment incl. summary of competitive landscape and detailed profiles of competitors,

• Industry and country analysis,


• Market sizing and forecasting, 

• Market attractiveness analysis

• Constant competitors monitoring incl. competitor deep dives,

• Partner screening & analysis

• Checking background and reputation of business partners,

• Poland and Central and Eastern European markets mapping,

• Pricing information,

• Media tracking and monitoring,

• Collecting other specific information or data based on the client's individual needs.